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Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy

We realize that you contribute a substantial part of your confidence to shop online; we take your trust seriously, and it is our greatest priority to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you give us. As a potential customer, you obtain the right to understand our privacy policy before giving your confidential information to renting a car. The Aegean search network is intended for the use by adults over 10 years of age.

Aegean car hire requires your personal information:


When you purchase a vehicle

Aegean collects the car hire, billing number of the person giving the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, flight details, accommodation location and city. We also accept credit card information such as card number, card type, name of the cardholder, expiry date, etc. in order to bill the vehicle you purchased through the Aegean vehicle leasing. As mentioned above, SSL and other security procedures exist to protect your credit card details.



Contact us.

For any question, suggestion or help you need, Aegean car rental always keeps your confidential information such as your e-mail address or contact number.

Aegean car hire will use your confidential information for the following reasons:


To ensure that your booking is fully satisfied with your reservation, we take your holiday plan information. Your e-mail address is required for booking confirmation, and your phone/e-mail address is required to contact you due to any change in the accommodation before leaving your resort. Your address is required to help establishing the identity of your credit card transaction in the process of proving any fraudulent activity.



Aegean Rent a car should answer your car rental inquiries to the information applied for to your requests. We utilize confidential information you contribute to respond.


Travel changes

If your expedition plans are overturned due to mechanical, weather, political situations, Aegean Rent a car company can send you an email to inform you about these cases or changes and can assist you to grant you with alternative travel arrangements.


To distribute your information

As mentioned above, we operate it to communicate your information and complete your reservation. To accomplish this, we need to distribute your information with some parties. We do not sell your confidential information to anyone or grant you a rent.

Aegean car Hire Company will only share your confidential information with authorized travel service suppliers and will only share if you have requested a specific transaction to be completed. These suppliers will have access to your contact information to submit or inform you of any changes or issues related to the reservation.


Safety and data protection laws

In order to impede unauthorized access, we follow the security procedures carefully related to the storage and disclosure of information you grant us, in addition to the British data protection laws (1984 and 1998 laws). Sometimes we can ask for a proof of identity before our security procedures can comprehend sensitive information.

Web technologies

We will use some web technologies to gather technical information from your computer's web browser. It may include your web address, operating system, browser software, screen resolution, and the website you are using. Isbu will assist you to hinder our performance.


If you send personal information on the Internet to the Aegean car hire, you are provided with secure communication and are protected by secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

Changes in privacy procedure

Isbu's privacy policy was allotted on December 26 and Aegean car hire reserves the right to change or modify the isbu policy for any reason and at any time.

If you are unsure about the privacy policy of the Aegean car hire policy, or if you require more information, please go to our homepage and use the feedback button to ask your questions or any concerns you may have.